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Recorded at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden 2015
Choreography – Frederick Ashton

This ballet hit by the French dancer and ballet master Jean D’Auberval, who lived in the 18th century, is an excellent example of action ballet, a choreographic genre that emphasizes expression. It can also be considered a type of ballet pantomime.

It is significant that the title of The Ill-guarded Daughter is widely known, while the content is no longer. Nevertheless, this is evidence of the ballet’s popularity, which has not passed with the years. Since its premiere in 1789 on the stage of the Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux, the matter of The Ill-guarded Daughter has inspired many choreographers. The subject matter is graceful. For it is a story about the triumph of love, and it is set in an idyllic setting.

The performance we will see was the last full-scale ballet by Sir Frederick Ashton (1904-1988) – a prominent British dancer and choreographer. It reflects Ashton’s predilection for the idyllic landscape of Suffolk County. Ashton’s reworked libretto captivates with panache and humor. For example, he introduced dancing roosters and elderly ladies with umbrellas. And Lise and Colas seek each other out on a farm, specifically in a cornfield.

Since its premiere in 1960 – it has consistently been one of the strongest items in The Royal Ballet’s repertoire. The 2015 revival will be shown at the Musical Gardens.

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