30 VI


1 hr 56 min

Recorded at Festival Krumlov 2023

Soloists: Marketa Klaudova, Marketa Cukrova, Marek Zihla, Roman Hoza
Chorus and Orchestra of the South Bohemian Theatre from České Budějovice, Czech Budějovice, conducted by David Svec.
Directed by Tomas Ondrej Pilar.

The Český Krumlov International Music Festival (Mezinárodní hudební festiwal Český Krumlov), known internationally as Festival Krumlov, held since 1992, is the oldest summer music festival in the Czech Republic. It takes place in a beautiful setting – in the Baroque castle garden, opposite the Bellarie Palace, considered the most beautiful garden building in the Czech Republic. By the way, the historic center of Krumlov with its medieval castle, which was the seat of the Rožmberk family, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The theater where the Messiah was produced delights visitors from all over the world with its revolving auditorium. It is one of only two theaters of its kind in Europe.

The theatricalized performance of Handel’s monumental oratorio subtly combines the biblical story of Christ with the life of Joseph Adam, born in 1722 – the Duke of Krumlov and Duke of Schwarzenberg. Singers and musicians specializing in early music performance perform in replicas of Baroque costumes.

Festiwal Ogrody Muzyczne

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