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Zuzanna Elster – harp

Magda Kordylasinska-Pękala – marimba

Karol Krasinski – vibraphone, bells

Adam Kosmieja – synthesizer

Karol Sikora – bass clarinet

Martyna Zakrzewska – piano

Kacper Kowalski – photography


Simeon ten Holt Canto ostinato (1976-9)

Canto ostinato is a unique work by the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt, who died in 2012. Its uniqueness lies in the structure of the composition, which consists of 106 “cells” – composed of several minute fragments. Each of them should follow each other rigorously according to the composer’s plan, and this is actually the only rule in force in the piece. In addition, the performers have complete freedom in their choice of instrumentation (the canonical version was performed on three pianos and an electric organ), dynamics and articulation and, most importantly, the number of repetitions of each cell. Therefore, it can be said that Canto ostinato strives for infinity. The shortest performances of the piece lasted about 70 minutes, the longest – more than 24 hours. In the Netherlands alone, Canto ostinato is performed dozens of times each year, and its popularity continues to grow. This is because the piece operates with ear-pleasing harmonies, simple and pretty melodies, and allows for relaxation and a gentle hypnotic trance. It is performed in concert halls, post-industrial spaces, allowing the audience to lie on mattresses and even in the open air during collective yoga sessions….

The performance of Canto ostinato at the Musical Gardens will be further enriched by a set of instruments of varying colors and a projection of photographs by prominent photographer Kacper Kowalski, whose aerial photographs explore the world of forms, shapes and patterns of nature.

Festiwal Ogrody Muzyczne

realizacja: estinet.pl
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