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Tre Voci : Midsummer Night’s Dream


​Gold Record winners in the Classical Music category – the Tre Voci ensemble – invite you to their summer tour! Voytek, Mikolaj and Milosz, or the Tenors of the New Generation, are a phenomenon on the Polish music scene. Thanks to their friendship, talent and hard work, they have introduced the classical crossover genre to Polish stages, they break the stereotype of the opera singer, they tour all over the world, and tickets for their performances are sold out months in advance.

The latest show, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” is an extraordinary journey through musical moods from Portofino, Italy, to New York. In it, the tenors combine the operatic sounds of their voices with the hits of popular music. They bring hits to life and give them a new quality. Film music, musicals, rock ballads, Italian song, bossanovas and Latin rhythms… it all adds up to an extraordinary evening with Tre Voci – artists with strong voices, big hearts and a great sense of humor.

The show is enriched with amazing visuals and impressive lighting design. On stage, the tenors are accompanied by an elaborate musical ensemble, composed of the best Poznan instrumentalists and virtuosos in their craft.

Tre Voci concerts are not only about music, style and elegance, but above all about meeting new friends. To quote, “They never fail… more and more, however, they cross the boundary between earth and heaven.” The audience’s impressions speak for themselves. You must not miss it!

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