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1 hr 42 min.

Recording of the concert from the Vienna Opera House 2019

Performers: Tomasz Konieczny, Roberto Alagna, Erwin Schrott, Nina Stemme, Sonya Yoncheva, Camilla Nylund, Benjamin Bernheim, Chen Reiss, Valentina Naforniţă, Olga Bezsmertna. Vienna State Opera Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Marc Armiliato.

On the program: Beethoven, Bizet, Dvorák, Gounod, Korngold, Massenet, Mozart, Puccini, Strauss, Verdi, Wagner.

The Vienna Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) is one of the most important opera houses in Europe. For singers, performing on this stage is an ennoblement. And for audiences from all over the world – an operatic mecca. Attending a performance at the Vienna Opera is a great experience, a unique holiday, a dream come true.
The Vienna Opera is also famous for its Opera Ball (Opernball), always held on the last Thursday of the carnival. It is one of the most important events in Vienna, also culturally.
Oryginalny budynek, wzniesiony w latach 60. XIX wieku, został zbombardowany i prawie doszczętnie zniszczony w 1945 r. Odbudowany rozpoczął powojenną działalność w 1955 r.

The 150th anniversary of the Vienna State Opera, counted from its inauguration on May 25, 1869, was marked by a concert featuring favorites of the Vienna State Opera audience. Among them was Tomasz Konieczny, to whom the Viennese gave the honorary title of Österreichischer Kammersänger, awarded to the best of the best singers. The jewel of the anniversary gala was the young, talented and beautiful: Olga Bezsmertna from Ukraine and Valentina Naforniţă from Moldova.
This “mega event,” as critics hailed it, had a wonderful atmosphere. It was a feast for the ears and eyes. Thanks to the recording, we too will be able to enjoy it.

Festiwal Ogrody Muzyczne

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