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Bjarte Eike (NO) – violin, singing, artistic direction

Miloš Valent (SK) – violin, vocals

Tom Guthrie (UK) – violin, vocals

Per Buhre (SE) – viola, vocals

Fredrik Bock (SE) – baroque guitar, charango, vocals

Steven Player (UK) – baroque guitar, singing, dancing

Hans Knut Sveen (NO) – harmonium, singing

Johannes Lundberg (SE) – double bass, singing

Barokksolistene, or “baroque soloists” in Norwegian, is a unique, international formation of outstanding instrumentalists of the historical movement, united by their love of… playing. Led by Norwegian violinist Bjarte Eike, the ensemble is known for its versatility, ability to improvise in a variety of styles and above all – the spirit of uninhibited fun. The Alehouse Sessions program, with which Barokksolistene have performed at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, among other venues, and will soon make their debut at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival, is a unique combination of 17th-century English music (Henry Purcell), English shanties and Scandinavian dances, played as in the eponymous pub (alehouse). The program simultaneously draws inspiration from Shakespearean theater, where the relationship between performers and audience was direct, and from the atmosphere of nightclub jams. The band will perform in Poland for the first time.

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