Association of Friends of the Musical Gardens Festival

Bogdan Matraszek – president
Hedvika Šubertová – vice president
Barbara Nawrot – member
Barbara Paciorek member 
Ewa Łukasik – treasurer of the Association

Review Committee
Barbara Kopczyńska – president
Jerzy Gontarz – member
Bożena Sprycha – member

The purpose of the Association is:
1/supporting the Musical Gardens Foundation – the organizer of the Musical Gardens Festival – hereinafter referred to as the Foundation in its statutory activities, with particular emphasis on education and popularization of culture and art of high artistic value among children and young people

2/ support the Foundation in its efforts to raise funds for its statutory purposes

3/ creating a friendly atmosphere around the Foundation and the idea of the Musical Gardens Festival, both as to the place, date and time of its duration

4/ supporting the Foundation’s inalienable right to the idea and name of the Musical Gardens Festival

The Association pursues the above objectives by:

1/ support the Foundation’s program initiatives

2/ search for new program forms

3/ promotion of artistic debuts and young artists

4/ disseminating the achievements of young artists by funding scholarships and capturing their works on modern electronic media

The Association was honored with the Diamond Award of the Music Gardens Festival

Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Festiwalu Ogrody Muzyczne
Address: ul. Klaudyny 38 lok. 94, 01-684 Warszawa
Email address:
Bank account: BGŻ BNP PARIBAS account number 65 1600 1462 1871 3379 0000 0001
NIP: 118 203 91 54
REGON: 142375572
KRS: 323580

Festiwal Ogrody Muzyczne

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