About the festival

The Musical Gardens Festival has been held in Warsaw since 2001, and usually runs throughout July. The program of each festival is filled with live concerts and rebroadcasts of operas and ballets from renowned theaters and music festivals: with The Metropolitan Opera, Bolshoi Theater and Salzburg Festival at the forefront; as well as music films and filmed concerts.
From the first festival until 2021, the festival was held in the Grand Courtyard of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, under a large, air-conditioned tent that could accommodate an audience of 1,000. Each year, the audience for all events combined then approached 30,000 spectators. Mostly faithful, accompanying the Music Gardens since the first festival. The media dubbed it the “Warsaw Summer Music Salon.”
Since 2006, the Music Gardens Festival has included a special educational and artistic program for children – the Children’s Music Gardens.

Since 2008, the programs have been inspired by the culture of the country assuming the presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1 (coinciding with the beginning of the festival), and the country in question became the guest of honor of the Music Gardens. There were French (2008), Swedish (2009), Belgian (2010), Polish (2011), Cypriot (2012), Lithuanian (2013), Italian (2014), Luxembourg (2015), Slovak (2016), Estonian (2017), Austrian (2018) and German (2020) Gardens. In 2019, France’s Land of the Loire was the guest of honor, and in 2022, South Korea was the guest of honor.

Festival realizers:

Piotr Łabanow – general manager

Łukasz Strusiński art director

Robert Kamyk author of the festival screening program

Robert Kosim – production manager

Zuzia Dłużniewska – concert producer

Alina Ert-Eberdt – concert producer festival publications and festival website

Tomasz Pasternak – promotion (ORFEO)

Marlena Pióro – promotion

Joanna Szadkowska – promotion

Jakub Siruć – volunteering

Agnieszka Kaperzyńska – organisational support

Anna Habrewicz – organisational support (ORFEO)

Festiwal Ogrody Muzyczne

realizacja: estinet.pl
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